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We have been so busy implementing great products that we have placed our own communication on the back-burner. 
SO this week we are happy to announce our new site, built form the ground up. It also lays the foundation for our re-shuffled workflow and support structure  that will be rolling out over the next couple of months (tic-tock).  

So what is in the box? 

We focused on creating a site with the newest technology. After weighing in all the possible newest techs we landed on creating a dynamic standards-focused HTML5 spec site. We realised that HTML5 is a spec still being written but loved the fact that we are now able to use new technologies to communicate our ideas today. We make strong use of CSS3 styles and jQuery that gracefully degrade for older browsers.

The backbone of our site runs on our own flavour of dynamic CMS powered by PHP. We constantly are on the look out for the latest and greatest web technologies to test and put into practice. Our portfolio features a custom plugin of our own making to dynamically sort and animate our individual portfolio pieces. We really enjoy using Google technologies and use Google’s font hosting services to spice up our typography (with speed).

All of which is adorned by freshly cut designer templates. We tried to keep the narrative to a minimum, while still making the intension of our studio clear and keep the main focus on our portfolio of case-studies. 

So where to from here? 

We would inch you toward some of our new case studies, featuring custom CMS based sites for Reuben’s, Hallucinating Pluto, Cosmesis; specialist print solutions for Entrawood, and fun illustrations for YAKU, Warrior Faith Gear and Fairbridge wines. 

Consider the shoemaker’s son, soled or at least flip-flopped, as we take a look forward to shortened update intervals. 

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