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  The Gumball-Machine form outer space.

We usually measure the merit of a piece of creative work by how envious (read jealous) we are of it. So in this case, lets just say we are really, really envious of the tweet-for-sweets machine at the Muti Gallery in Gardens, Cape Town. (see map below)

The concept was apparently hatched by Draft FCB for their client Toyota, and the activation was implemented by Thingking.

What makes it so brilliant is that it is effortlessly engaging – one cannot help but notice the colourful decals on the Muti Gallery windows, prompting the viewer to tweet for a sweet.

The beautifully cheerful vector illustrations is complemented by a theatrical display of smoke and mirrors as the Machine cranks to life once activated (we assume it listens for a tweet to the #tag list – as sent from your phone).

A little gum ball is dispensed and follows its merry way through smoke and mirrors, surrounded by nostalgic retro tech chic, while being serenaded by carnival sounds, and until it gently drops down into a little bamboo gutter and into ones hand. Perfect.

We will be uploading a video clip of this marvel shortly.

This is actually quite a revolution for marketers trying to get their clients to invest in social media as a conversation platform. A very important interaction between brands and its target consumer. The brand gets a tweet and the consumer gets a sweet.

Okay, so we would like to know the nitty gritty. How does The Machine work, any suggestions? Is it a tweet bot that listens for  the #tag, activating The Machine via some kind of home-automation system… or is it as it seems… magic.

Hats off to the team involved!

(The Machine is located at the Muti Gallery)

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